If you are looking for the leading men's t-shirt manufacturers for your new tee showroom or for your working people, then you are in the right place. We manufacture t-shirts for various purposes and at various sizes, standard, and fits. We are one of the most well-known names in the t-shirt wholesale manufacturing industry in Tirupur, India. For more than a decade in the field of t-shirt fabric manufacturing company from Tirupur, we are exporting bulk-quantity men's t-shirts to global nations. Our range of products is applicable for amazing discounts on the bulk purchase as per industry standards. Varthagam International manufactures men's t-shirts at an exotic collection of colors including White, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Orange, Dark Grey, Grey Melange,..etc.

We are proud to say that we are loving and going green. Our industry professionals introduced sustainably made organic products which can help the environment tremendously to go green. We carefully select and use low-impact dyes, water washes with reclaimed water, certified organic cotton, recycled polyester, biodegradable fabric softeners, and natural enzymes for our super-soft finishes to make the best fabric shirts. Our menu card displays an exotic collection of colors. We are well-known for men's t-shirts as our range of products is highly durable, made of quality raw materials that have a long service life and are cost effective.

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Our t-shirt fibers are sourced from various places after quality checking and then t-shirt materials will be crafted carefully. Each of our t-shirt products has a luxurious hand and unique top-stitching. Our tees are incredibly soft, super stylish and come in a variety of colors and cuts. We are leading men's t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur producing high-quality t-shirts at a competitive price. Our fabric styles are sleeve, sleeveless, Polo, V-Neck, round Neck t-shirts, etc. We have an exotic collection of Men's Round Neck T-Shirts which are manufactured using the finest quality with soft, lightweight, breathable fabric gives t-shirt a natural feel. For the premium performance tee for men, we have used cotton fabric, to ensure the best comfort and performance. Our products range from Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL, and Small sizes for Men. Get a free quote from us. Fill out the form now.

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Varthagam International manufactures flawless round neck wholesale men’s t-shirts at a competitive price without compromising on the quality standard. We are backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructural facility. We use vertically combined T-shirts manufacturing process which allows us to turn on a dime and produce quality wholesale men’s t-shirts. For printing purposes, we use screen printing technology as well as digital printing. We are manufacturing Premium Quality men’s T-Shirts by removing pilling’s and dust particles in the fabrics using Bio Wash method. High-quality t-shirts are manufactured with high GSM fabrics. But for the customer requirement, if they need (for just a few uses), we assure them to make men’s t-shirt at low GSM like 100Grams.

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Our T-Shirts are used as cool casual wear but sometimes are also used as underwear for formal outfit clothes. We, Varthagam International is the best wholesale t-shirt manufacturing industry in Tirupur. We manufacture t-shirts with the finest quality of cotton fabric which ensures a smooth and comfortable fit for our customers. Our v-neck t-shirts fit and look really cool for women, men, and kids. We are men’s t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur using cutting-edge pattern developments, trimming and cutting technique to ensure the high-quality of t-shirts. Our manufacturing and stitching units are mostly occupied by fabrics like Linen, Pure Cotton, Polyester, Pique, Single Jersey, Combed Cotton, and Organic Cotton.

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We manufacture polo t-shirts for men in a form of a shirt with a collar and an optional pocket. Our basic polo t-shirts are short sleeved and will consist of a placket with typically two or three buttons. In the t-shirt manufacturing field, we usually call these types of t-shirts as a golf shirt and tennis shirt. Rather than woven fabric, we use knitted cotton for the manufacturing of men’s polo t-shirt. Sometimes, we make t-shirts with some other fibers such as silk, merino wool, synthetic fibers, or blends of natural and synthetic fibers. Our top-quality men’s polo t-shirts are being exported to major countries around the globe. We often go with blended fabric for corporate as well as other uniforms because the blended synthetics increase durability and stain resistance at a low price point.

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We manufacture short sleeved t-shirts which look pretty simple and easily pair up with jeans, shorts, and trousers. It fits in a casual garments category. But when it comes to professional occasions, we prefer long sleeved t-shirts which make you look smarter. We export-high-quality long sleeve t-shirt fabrics with GSMs ranging from 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 240, 280 GSM’s, etc.. Our long-sleeve t-shirts are exclusively for those who have slender arms and our fabric seems to flap. Because of our extreme quality, long-sleeved t-shirts will provide extra GSM and thus warm your body. We deliver long-sleeve t-shirts with or without printing as per the customer requirement. Flexible fabrics as a blend or pure cotton material will be incorporated in order to provide quality.

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Are you printed t-shirt lovers? We are men’s t-shirt manufacturers usually print t-shirts in three ways: screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery. We are popularly known for our better finishing, nice cutting and stitching, and reasonable pricing. Get the best of embroidery with the highest number of stitches possible. All the embroidery are done on high-end precise machines. When your order quantity is low, you can choose embroidery or if it’s high, go for screen printing. Our graphics designing team can make beautiful and unique graphic design for t-shirt printing but at the same time, can design vintage designs, if required. For the sake of customer requirement, we make really funny t-shirts for teenage boys, movie graphic tees for cinema lovers, awesome quirky t-shirts, crazy t-shirt logos, funny patterned shirts, etc.

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As a leading wholesale t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur, we make crew neck t-shirt which is a type of collarless shirt or sweater that has a round neckline. We manufacture crew neck t-shirts as an undergarment as well as outfit. All crew neck t-shirts are round neck t-shirts but not all round neck are crew necks. Our crew neck t-shirts usually have a snug fit round line which usually made of fabrics that would absorb sweat and prevent shoulder pads from causing chafing. We also manufacture some crew neck variations like Henley shirt, mock neck as per the customer requirement in various styles, colors, sleeve types, and GSM. More the GSM more will be the softness and quality of our t-shirts.

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We manufacture wholesale y-neck t-shirts of the various type in Tirupur.  We are manufacturing customized t-shirts for wholesale, bulk export, and distributed supply to the local retail stores. Our Y-Neck t-shirt garments are well-known for their excellent finishing and well-crafted designs. Because of our timely delivery and quality, we are ranked as one of the top branded Garment industry. We make t-shirts of pure cotton fabric without blends and bio-wash it. As a result, our t-shirts even after many washes will never pill. Our t-shirts perform well in the autumn and winter seasons because our extreme quality will provide extra warming to the body. If you are looking for the best t-shirt manufacturer who manufactures exceptional quality t-shirts at a competitive price, then you are in the right place. Negotiate with us.