People used to ask us. How can you sell t-shirts at just 140 rupees and sometimes even low? The answer is simple. We are not the distributors of garments and t-shirt materials in Tirupur. We are the manufacturer of garments and also the distributors and suppliers. We own six different manufacturing units in Tirupur. As we perform all the processes in a row within our own industry, we are able to sell t-shirts at a very low price. But when the quality of t-shirts needs to be high, then we will go for high standards. We are exporting t-shirts to many foreign countries including Australia, US, France, etc. we manufacture wholesale printed t-shirts with screen printing technology as well as digital printing or screen printing (AOP, A4 & A3) as per customer requirement. Fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible with a quotation.

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