Knitting is a process in which the yarn is manipulated to create a fabric. It can be done manually or with machine. It is a process of continuously interlinking or knotting series of loops of yarn using needle. These consecutive loops are intermeshed into the previous loop structure. Thus the new stitch secures the loop structure by locking the previous stitches that are suspended from it, eventually creating a sheet of material.

Just like weaving, this sheet of materials is a two-dimensional fabric. The difference, however, is that the threads run straight or parallel in weaved cloth, whereas the yarns follows a meandering path in knit fabric. The symmetric looping of yarn causes the resulting fabric to be elastic and stretchy, a highly desirable property that makes knitwear a wardrobe staple in winters.

Hand kitting can be done with just needle and yarn. Machine knitting needs heavy equipment like looms.

process of knitting explained
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