Varthagam International is a wholesale graduation cap and gown manufacturers in Tirupur. Our team of professionals is constantly focusing on every commencement ceremony aspect, from robes, honor stoles and college stoles, tassels, graduation gowns, caps, mortarboards, hoods, and tams. Varthagam International also supplies the industry-best middle school cap and gown sets. Separate gowns are available for Ph.D., Doctoral, Master's, and Bachelor's graduates. We are manufacturing caps and gowns, Regalia, Honor cords, college stoles, Choir robes, church robes, and choral accessories, Judicial robes for all judges: federal or state, ALJ, and commissioner, tams, caps, and mortarboards, and class rings. Varthagam International offers various designs, stones, metals, finishes, engravings, and styles. Varthagam class ring is a perfect highlight to celebrate and represent the conclusion of your school career and is sometimes purchased along with graduation gowns.

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