I'm a new brand. Help me out to start my brand.

With over two decades of experience in T-Shirt manufacturing industry in Tirupur, India, we are helping out new fashion apparel startups to kick-start their brand. Give a call to us and our branding solutions executive will get in touch with you. He/She will guide you further. Call Mr.Manuraj: +91 8903777842

Some of the Brands we manufactured.

As a top t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur, we are making tee shirts for the world-wide t-shirt brand influencers like Fellows-United, Llyods, Sidecar, Chasin, Tigha, Wemoto, Elcorte, etc.

Are you manufacturers or wholesale suppliers?

Varthagam International is a wholesale t-shirt manufacturers. We are not suppliers of low-quality t-shirts from Tirupur. If you are looking for premium-quality t-shirts to be manufactured, then you are in the right place.

Do you have ready stock t-shirts?

No. We manufacture customized bulk t-shirts as per the customer requirement.

Some countries we export our t-shirts.

We are exporting exceptional quality t-shirts to all the continents in the world including Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Canada, France, England, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, etc.

What is our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Our Minimum Order Quantity is 200/color. If the Quantity increases, price per outfit will fall.

What is the pricing?

Pricing of t-shirts varies depending on the customer requirement. For a normal compact men's round neck t-shirts, the pricing will be around 160 Indian rupees. PS: We are manufacturing only high-quality t-shirts. If you are looking for low quality, then we are not the right option.

What is the lead time?

It depends on the quantity and t-shirt style. Usual time is between 15 days to 60 days. As we make every brand order from yarn to pack, it takes time.

What are the washes available.

Bio-wash, silicon wash, pigment dye, CPD wash, khadi dye, non-PVC, Plasthol, digital, sublimation, radium, reflect wash, sugar, flock, hide city, puff washes.

What is the delivery method?

We take care of door step delivery of your bulk t-shirts (if you prefer).

Do you provide packaging solutions?

Yes. We usually get the customer requirement and create the packaging solutions for them. If you have any idea of how your packaging should look like, we can make it work for you.

What are the colors available?

Varthagam International can manufacture bulk t-shirts in India in any color. You give just the RGB, or TCX/TPX, we can make it.

What is Supima cotton?

Pima is a high-quality cotton fabric which is produced in the USA. Among all the other types of cotton yarn, Pima is the top quality yarn. Supima is a company in the USA which provides certificates of Pima cotton.

Do you provide Supima tags?

Yes. We are sourcing the original Supima yarn from USA. We get license from Supima and we issue Supima tags to our customers.

Which t-shirt fabric is extremely soft?

Supima and bamboo cotton t-shirts are softer than any other normal cotton.

Which GSM is high-quality?

GSM is a metric used to define the weight of a fabric per square meter. It has nothing to do with the quality of the t-shirt. Quality is defined by the yarn. Higher quality yarns are knitted to form high quality fabrics.


What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is defined as cotton that is cultivated in subtropical countries like India, China, Turkey and USA. This type of cotton is cultivated with low impact on environment. No pesticides will be used for organic farming. Farmers who grow organic cotton are looking to produce a more sustainable product with regard to the health of their fields, water supply, and the air.

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