Varthagam International is a leading corporate t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur manufacturing exceptional corporate t-shirts to many Multinational companies and SMB's. We manufacture t-shirts that are classy, trendy as well as stylish. Corporate outdoor event t-shirts are more likely similar to sports t-shirts with no pilings and smooth surface. Mostly 250+ GSM with 100% cotton will be good for these purposes. Corporate T-shirts can be manufactured with a company logo, numbers, names, and any complex designs. We manufacture t-shirts an exotic collection colors. We have a wide range of colors that are White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Dark Grey, Grey Melange. We are the best corporate t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur. We have an exotic collection of Corporate T-shirt which is manufactured using the finest quality with soft, lightweight, breathable fabric gives this tee a natural feel. For corporate purpose tee, we use cotton fabric to ensure the best comfort, cozy, soft and exceptional quality. We manufacture t-shirts that are eye-grabbing because most of MNC's are now expecting a friendly environment in the office areas. Trendy corporate t-shirts not only make the employees look great but also make the company unique.


In our corporate t-shirt manufacturing industry, the cost per t-shirt varies proportionally to the total quantity of t-shirts. We are manufacturing exceptional-quality t-shirts at a very competitive price. We do not mix fabric dye with water because it will spoil the atmosphere. We love the eco-friendly environment. That's why we choose fabric dye that is mixed carbon-di-oxide. This mixture will not affect the environment and doesn't cause pollution. We reduce water usage by 50%. while manufacturing t-shirt fabrics. For wholesale corporate t-shirt orders more than 300 t-shirts, we manufacture sample pieces for the customers if they need. Minimum Order Quantity starts from 100 T-shirts & MOQ is 200 for custom fabric composition or special process t-shirts like PC/Bamboo/Tie&Dye. Although we have only 2 years of online presence, our professionals have almost we have 10 years of experience as a t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur. Corporate t-shirts will be perfectly stitched with our expert team and latest machines. The tees will be delivered after double checked for threads and extra fits. If passed, then the corporate t-shirts will be passed onto the packing unit. Else, if failed it will not be passed further.