Branded T-Shirt Manufacturer in Tirupur

Varthagam International is a t-shirt manufacturing company in Tirupur manufacturing premium quality t-shirts at an affordable cost. We majorly focus on Supima, Bamboo, Organic, Tencel, and Recycled. We empower new brands to establish their brand worldwide with top-notch t-shirts.

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N-95 Masks.

During this COVID-19 time, we are now manufacturing high-quality N-95 masks, and disposable one-use masks and fabric masks at a revolutionary price in India. Our catalogue includes 1-ply, 2-ply, fabric masks, and top-quality 3-ply masks. Enquire now for your mask requirement and we will get in touch asap.

Best T-Shirt Manufacturer India

We manufacture top-notch t-shirts in Tirupur, India as per the brand requirements at an affordable pricing without compromising on quality. We have good infrastructure facilities with in-house knitting, dyeing, compacting, washing, printing and embroidery units, stitching unit and packing unit. Various colors, styles, fabrics, and designs can be designed, created and developed in Varthagam International.

If you are a new brand or already a well established one looking for premium quality t-shirts, you are in the right place. We use high-quality yarn, dye and cutting edge technology to make premium quality t-shirts. We take care of everything from yarn to fabric to door delivery.

Disclaimer: Low quality brands have nothing to do in Varthagam International.




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Our widest range of fabric collections (for T-Shirt Brands)

Organic T-Shirts

Supima T-Shirts

Bamboo T-Shirts

Tencel T-Shirts

Recycled Tee Shirts

Sports Jersey

Modal Tshirts

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Premium Men's T-Shirt Manufacturers

Varthagam International is one of the best men's t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur making various styles and designs of men's t-shirts. All of our t-shirt manufacturing steps are in-house which allows us to produce t-shirts at low cost. Our designing team can help new brands create stunning tshirt designs.

Round Neck


Polo T-Shirt




Women's T-Shirt Manufacturers in Tirupur

We are handcrafting women's t-shirt for almost two decades in Tirupur. As customized t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur, we make women's tee shirts of various styles, designs, GSM, print, embroidery, and colors. Our motto is fabricate good quality t-shirts at an affordable pricing and delivering the product on promised date.

Round Neck

Polo T-Shirts

Crop Tops


Track Pants


Best Kid's T-Shirt Manufacturers

Varthagam International manufactures trendy kid's t-shirts at a low cost in Tirupur. We make children's t-shirts with sustainability in mind. We design and manufacture baby T-shirts based on the customer requirement. We love to create newly designed prototypes for our customers.

Round Neck


Polo T-Shirt




Corporate T-Shirt Manufacturers in India

Corporate companies choose Polo T-Shirts with their brand or company name embroidered or printed on it as their uniform nowadays. We manufacture corporate t-shirts on bulk quantity. The tees can be customized as per the customer requirement. We usually design and make corporate tshirts apparels in pique or double tec pique fabric as it provides rich and professional look.

We are in Tirupur and supplying corporate business t-shirts across India. Our designing team can help you with choosing the perfect design for your company wear. Small and bulk orders are undertaken.

Branded T-Shirt Manufacturer in India

With an experience of over two decades, we have partnered with world's leading t-shirt brands like Fellows-United, Chasin, Tigha, Cancelled Plans, Habit Human, Pamilano, and Off-north. Our t-shirts go worldwide to countries including almost all European countries, UAE, India, Canada, etc.

We have a learning platform in Varthagam International website which helps understand the basics of t-shirts and manufacturing. Questions like the basic types of t-shirts, what is GSM, what are printing methods, etc will arise when you begin your journey in T-Shirt business. We understand our customers and we help them learn things.

If you are getting t-shirts from any other manufacturer in India, just give a try with Varthagam. We go beyond limits to satisfy customer requirements at comparatively low price in Tirupur. Our intention is to satisfy the end customer.


Features of the High-quality T-Shirts in Tirupur

Premium Quality

We manufacture only high-quality premium cotton t-shirt apparel in Tirupur, India. We are not supplying any kinds of low-quality apparels.


Our prices may look high comparing to local market. But, we can assure you we are the low cost t-shirt manufacturers for premium quality tees.


We manufacture superlative apparels in Tirupur. We craft bulk t-shirts based on the customer requirements. Any style and design can be fabricated.

Pattern making

For any given style, we have a team of pattern makers with years of experience. We can develop patterns for your designs and fabricate t-shirts with pattern reference.


For every given orders, our prototype development team will develop a master sample. We send it to our customer and only after getting approval, we produce bulk quantity.

Door delivery

Our work begins with order confirmation and continues till the door step delivery of your t-shirts. We have a logistics department who takes care of your safe & timely apparel delivery.

Made in India

Almost every process and raw materials used are made in India. From yarn to packaging solutions, we try to source everything in India.


Our primary intention is to make quality apparel from quality raw materials. Our t-shirt manufacturing techniques are cutting edge and we assure you long life.

Premium Yarn

We produce exemplary t-shirt clothes from superb yarns. Our catalogue includes Supima, Tencel, Bamboo, Recycled, and Compact.

Step by Step Organic T-Shirt manufacturing process

Step 1

Details confirmation

Step 2


Step 3

Pattern Making

Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9


Step 10


Step 11


Step 12


Wholesale T-Shirt Manufacturing - Printing

As per the customer need, we print designs on t-shirts. We usually do screen printing and sometime go for digital printing. Screen printing durability is high and it is affordable. Our printing masters can print any kind of complex designs with at most accuracy. We are specialized in scree printing types like discharge print, plastol, non-PVC, glitter, foil,hide and city, radian, and pigment screen print.

For muti-color (usually above 4) prints, we go for digital printing. For polyester fabrics, the printing process is called sublimation. A design sheet will printed out. And then the sheet will be heat fused on the polyester fabric.

T-Shirt Production - Embroidery

Varthagam International is now regarded as one of the top-rated t-shirt manufacturing company in Tirupur with two decades of experience. We have produced tshirts apparels in almost every style. If your requirement is a t-shirt with embroidery designed on it, then you are in the perfect place.

Our embroidery masters can make any type of embroidery designs for your t-shirt. As we have in-house embroidery unit, our embroidery making cost is very low. Various color and Sharp edges can be embroidered on apparel with cutting edge technology. We assure you crystal clear structure and tight stitches.

We Design. Craft. Fabricate for a Happier You.

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Looking for premium-quality Branded t-shirt Manufacturers in India?

Varthagam International is the best wholesale branded t-shirt apparel manufacturer in Tirupur producing various types of t-shirts for men, women, corporate, and kids or children. We are specialized in manufacturing Supima, Bamboo, Tencel, Organic and sports jerseys. Our range of apparel include round neck t-shirts, collar t-shirts, V-Neck t-shirts, U-Neck t-shirts, printed t-shirts, plain premium t-shirts, full sleeve tees, half-sleeve t-shirts, embroidery tees, and full sublimated sports t-shirts. Although we are manufacturing only high-quality t-shirts, we are also very affordable. Compare our apparel pricing with anyone in Tirupur or even India, we are comparatively the lowest cost t-shirt manufacturer of premium quality tees.

One of the major plus point of Varthagam International is the customer retention. Our customers or brands love our products as well as our customer support. We have the lowest customer attrition rate in Tirupur. Our intention is to satisfy our customers by fabricating quality apparel. Some times the styles given by our customer brands will be easy and sometimes really tough. No matter what, we try to satisfy our customer needs. Varthagam's priority goes like this... Quality product at affordable pricing delivered on Time.

We have in-house manufacturing facility for almost all of the stages of t-shirt manufacturing. We employ latest technologies wherever applicable to design and manufacture apparel. As everything needed for making tee shirts is in-house our lead time is really low comparing to our competitors. At any cost, we will dispatch apparels on promised date.

We are manufacturing lakhs of t-shirts per year. It is a huge quantity. We have the responsibility to take some quality steps to reduce the plastic pollution on our mother world. That is why we decided to go plastic free campus. You cannot see a single t-shirt manufacturing factory in Tirupur without plastic. But we are here. We strictly banned plastics in our campus. As well as we provide eco-friendly packaging solutions for our retail brand customers. The least we can do for our soil.

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