Step by Step Guide to start a T-Shirt Business online

So you’ve started looking for a t-shirt business!

It’s a great way to start looking at t-shirt shops and industries, acquiring new knowledge, and developing brand awareness. But somewhere in your mind, you feel feared and have some hesitations to start your business. Don’t worry. Here, I’m explaining you completely about starting a t-shirt business. Great… There are 5 important steps to be considered before starting your t-shirt business. Here they are:

    1. Select your target audience.
    2. Acquire knowledge about t-shirts
    3. Choose your  area in the industry
    4. Ask yourself basic questions and answer it.
    5. Fetch your finance and build a brand
    6. Develop a website and market it.

By following these steps, one can easily start a t-shirt business.

Factor 1: Select your target audience:

First of all, before diving into the field, select your target audience. Whether you are going to target only your surrounding town or you are planning to sell your best t-shirts all around your country or you are planning to sell throughout the globe. For the first category, if you just want to push your fabric into your local apartment doors, then you can just rent a store and can fill the racks with different types of t-shirts with different GSM. But when you are planning to sell your clothes globally, then building an online platform is more important. An e-commerce website can reach any doorstep within a fraction of time. So, first of all, choose your target audience and select the model of your t-shirt business.

Factor 2: Acquire knowledge of t-shirts:

Once you fix your target audience, lace your shoes and roll up your sleeves. Walk into many t-shirt shops and talk with them about t-shirts. Once you get to know about the basics of t-shirts, move to manufacture units. Take down a list of the best wholesale t-shirt manufacturing and supplying industry in your town and write a letter requesting internships. There are more chances for you to get permission in any one of the best t-shirt manufacturing units in Tirupur. Take your internship time seriously and acquire maximum knowledge about running a t-shirt business. After all, these few months are a basic building block of your business.

Today, as a t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur, Tamilnadu, India, I can see that many people started developing websites’ or putting up a store to sell t-shirts without having a strong base knowledge in the industry. It’s really scary thought. Guys, who don’t even know about the basic t-shirt life cycle, are starting a site.

You put a lot of money in this competitive field and if you don’t have enough knowledge in this field, then you will be screwed up sometime or later.

Factor 3: Choose your area of knowledge:

Now, you acquired great knowledge in the t-shirt industry. Cool.

Then this is the time to select your area of business. Whether you are going to manufacture cool and best fabric or you are going to step down on manufacturing unit or you are more likely to hang your shoelaces on printing unit.

Sometimes, people will choose to start selling shop rather not involved in the manufacturing. With the positive and negative things you learned in this t-shirt manufacturing industry, you have to decide what you are going to do. I cannot suggest because it all depends on your own strengths and weakness and the money you have in your hand.

If you have a strong bank balance and you are planning to start a t-shirt manufacturing unit, then think about the possibilities once again. I suggest start doing your business in any one of these units and then expand your sq.ft.

If you prefer to be a t-shirt dealer, then cheers. I am not going to say it is an easy field and you can pack your wallet with millions in a month. Of course, this field involves a lot of risks but if you are clever dealing with your business, then you definitely win cash bags.

While dealing with your clients, you should use a lot of magical words to impress them. Learn more t-shirt industry wordings and meanings…

Factor 4: Do some basic Research and plan wisely:

Not just having strong knowledge in this field is enough to start a company. You need strategies to succeed. For that, you have to do some basic groundworks and do some math’s to develop strategies. Do know basic things like how the pricing of t-shirt varies with product, etc. Before starting to develop your niche, consider the following factors:

        • 1. What you are selling?
        • 2. To whom you are selling? (Target Audience)
        • 3. How you are going to sell?
        • 4. How you to going earn traffic to your site?
        • 5. What shirt you are going to print on?

Take down a list of questions with what, why and how to answer those yourself. You are probably going to win if you can answer all the questions. Conditions apply!

Factor 5: Fetch your finances:

Once you are okay with your knowledge, then the first but a huge thing will come up! Yeah… Money to start your business.

Start searching for your finance and once you find resources, you can start developing your business in 10*10’’ room. You can go to any job to any t-shirt company and can start saving money as well as knowledge. Once you have enough money, you can start. Never ever open a huge company at once. Start from a and migrate to bed and then step by step you can reach z.

Factor 6: Build your Brand:

Just building a website is not enough for your business to earn more than 6 digit earnings per month. World Wide Web has more than 1 billion websites in its index and out of those 200 Million is active today. And out of these 200 million, 12-24 million are e-commerce websites. In this competitive world of web, how you are going to reach your target audience. Simple, Create your brand name. People will search for your brand name and will come to your domain directly.  But creating a brand is not that much simple as one might think. We first need to develop some strategies to build your brand. Check out this article on developing marketing strategies. I’m sure you will find useful.

Factor 7: Develop your e-commerce website:

Develop your site with as many pages as possible and dump them with a lot of images and add the price sticker on it is one of the common strategies most people follow. Do you do so? Then I’m really sorry to say this, you are not going to win. This strategy will never work for this t-shirt category. First of all, start your website from zero and move to pages one by one. Having only fewer pages in your site but having it as a professionally well developed is more important than having thousands of pages with inappropriate content or over-damped image content.

Your website authority is nothing but the quality of your content. The more in-depth content you have about t-shirts in your domain, then Google will more likely to rank your site higher. A recent study on SEO shows that the domain which is no.1 in SERP acquires about 14% CTR. At the same time, a domain with rank 1 acquires 35% CTR.

Yeah… That’s a dream for every marketer and business developer- Page 1; Position 1.

And yes, it makes sense. Learn some of the important tactics to increase your ranking in SERP and get more conversions.

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